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4,5 étoiles sur 28 avis
28 jui 2019 à 8:05 Nice
16 jun 2019 à 21:49 To be fair we were quite far away so the delivery took longer and it was a Sunday. Definitely worth the wait though!!
23 mai 2018 à 21:03 Delicious food and quick delivery
15 mai 2018 à 9:26 Good taste of Indian delicacies! And nice owner who appreciates service!
19 mar 2018 à 9:36 No delivery to my building I had to walk 150 meters to their car! Nowadays with GPS , i am amazed this could happen.
7 déc 2017 à 12:57 Toujours aussi délicieux et rapide
3 déc 2017 à 10:50 Excellent food just as usual, and super fast delivery!
22 oct 2017 à 7:50 Brilliant food and extra-fast delivery!
17 sep 2017 à 21:52 The food was excellent and delivery speed good. Despite a misunderstanding about the delivery address, communication with the restaurant and the driver solved the problem and everyone was friendly and helpful. Will definitely use again. Thank you.
11 jui 2017 à 13:45 Livraison dans les temps. Quantité ok, les sauces sont de qualité, la viande était médiocre. Le dessert excellent. Je recommanderai.
10 mai 2017 à 15:10 très rapide et très bon
8 mai 2017 à 2:14 Except for the delivery time everything else was good. Truly one of the best Indian food I have had in geneve after a long long time